Webinar: Do you have a 360° profile?

Webinar: Do you have a 360° profile?

In order to provide our USIL students with the necessary strategies to have a comprehensive professional profile, the Direction of International Relations presented the webinar: Do you have a 360 ° profile? The online event was aimed at our student community and featured a presentation by MBA Milagros Zegarra Lei, Human Resources Director for Herbalife Nutrition South America.

It should be noted that, during the event, the “international web” was launched, a platform that will be the ally of our student community to make the most of the international opportunities that USIL offers in order to encourage them to become global professionals and to start building their 360 ° profile.

Likewise, we had the opportunity to invite our international community to visit our new website, where they can find the USIL Online section and view the international collaborations that we have carried out with our partners, including: Virtual Visiting Faculty, Academic Webinars, Joint Research Project, Conversations, Moocs, Cultural Events, Coil Designed Course, among others. In addition, they will be able to learn about our programs aimed at international students so they can share it with their student community.

Visit our new website: https://internacional.usil.edu.pe/


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