On this occasion, Rosmery Barreto, director of International Mobility at USIL, thanked participants for their enthusiasm. “Starting today, you are ambassadors of USIL and of Peru. We want you to be our country’s best representatives. An academic exchange not only enhances your resume; it is also a great personal and cultural experience,” she told them.

Every year, the number of USIL students who go to universities abroad for academic exchanges increases.

On Tuesday, June 30, the USIL International team held the official farewell ceremony for more than 70 students who will spend a semester abroad, thanks to the agreements our university has entered into with more than 200 institutions throughout the world.

The International Programs coordinator, Marco Rinaldi, highlighted the increase in the  number of students participating in academic exchanges, as well as the number of partner universities. “We want more students to be able to go abroad, so we’re making a special effort to publicize the partial or full scholarships for exchanges that USIL and partner universities offer,” he said. A number of students applied for different scholarships to cover part or all of the cost of their participation in an exchange.

The students participating in academic exchanges have scheduled their trips for the months of August and October. This time around, there are more USIL students at universities in the United States and Brazil. “We also have students who will be going to universities in Australia and the Netherlands,” Rinaldi added.

Participants in the exchange program received information on their upcoming time abroad. They also took USIL printed material  to give to students wanting to know more about  our university at events similar to our USIL International Programs Fair. 

Congratulations to all the students who will represent USIL throughout the world.  We wish you all the best!



Valeria Castro
Corporate Environmental Management
University of Oulu, Finland

“In order to make this trip, I’ll receive a monthly subsidy of 560 euros as a scholarship to cover my living expenses. I qualified to apply for this aid because I’m in first place in my academic program. I’ll be staying in Finland for four months, from August to December, and I’m very happy and excited about it.”


Karina Sofia Cueva
Culinary Arts
Nova Scotia Community College, Canada

“I received a full scholarship to take the last courses required for my major at this Canadian university. I qualified to participate in the personal interviews because I was among the top 10 students in my academic program. I was surprised to be chosen. I’ll be taking courses on cooking, garde manger and pastry, which is what I’m passionate about.”


Paola Paredes Giacomotti
Corporate Environmental Management
Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia

“I chose Universidad de Antioquia because, in addition to the opportunity to take courses required for my major and experiencing another culture, Medellin is the seat of the Andean Parliament, and I’m a member of the Model Andean Parliament in Peru. I’m trying to contact members of the Parliament there, in order to continue working on our projects. I’ll be taking six courses, five of which will transfer. It’s going to be a great experience.”


Martín Rosas
International Business
Wiener Neustadt University of Applied Sciences

“I received a one-year scholarship from the Austrian government that covers part of my airfare (700 euros) and a 1000 euros allowance for living expenses. This is my second time as an exchange student, and this time I hope to have time to visit other countries such as France and Spain. I’m very excited to have this opportunity again. I’d recommend that other students check into it because there are a lot of opportunities to get scholarships granted by different entities.”