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Culinary Programs

Welcome to Peru, the Land of the thousands flavors!


USIL offers online courses in gastronomy and culinary arts

  1. Basic and Fundamentals of Peruvian Cuisine (course)
  2. Modern Peruvian Cuisine (course)
  3. High Peruvian Cuisine Certification
  4. High World Cuisine Certification
  5. Pastry and Bakery Certification


  • Highly qualified and accredited instructors
  • Wide international experience
  • Prestige and recognition
  • Specialized labs equipped with the highest technology

Activities included:

  • Class modules between 4 to 8 hours of weekly work (suggested time) in virtual (asynchronous) form.
  • Access to our modern virtual platform, where teachers can interact and provide feedback to participants in real time.
  • Various research activities will be assigned to complement the knowledge imparted.
  • Provides an insight into the techniques of Peruvian cuisine and its regions.
  • You will access restaurant management courses that give you a comprehensive learning experience.


High Peruvian Cuisine Certification

  • Elementary - Recognition of basic products of Peruvian cuisine
  • Intermediate - You will apply the techniques learned in traditional and regional Peruvian recipes
  • Advanced - You will prepare modern Peruvian dishes maintaining the flavors and traditions of our gastronomy

High World Cuisine Certification

  • Elementary - You will prepare the proteins before cooking
  • Intermediate - You will prepare important dishes in the gastronomic history of countries
  • Advanced - You will prepare classic dishes with innovative techniques and exotic flavors

Pastry and Bakery Certification

  • Elementary - You will learn about the basic techniques of bakery, creams, doughs and meringues
  • Intermediate - You will prepare Peruvian and classic desserts and you will learn the recipes of Peruvian breads
  • Advanced - You will learn about chocolate, confectionery and petit fours, as well as showcase pastry and sugar art

Peruvian Gastronomy

Peruvian Gastronomy

Peruvian Gastronomy

  • Recognize the different products and recipes of gastronomy
  • Create your own recipes using the techniques learned
  • Manage and organize your company or where you work
  • Correctly apply the national health regulations
  • Design a Food and Beverage Management Plan
  • Accessibility from any device
  • Highly qualified and accredited instructors
  • Wide international experience
  • Peruvian chefs teaching Peruvian cuisine
  • Available 24/7
  • Prestige and recognition
  • Certificate by the School of Chefs from Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola


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USIL student was awarded a scholarship from a German university

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