We have 2 academic semesters per year:
1st. Semester, from mid-March to mid-July, and
2nd. Semester, from mid-August to mid-December.

Yes, USIL offers courses in both Spanish and English.

To see the courses by careers, you must enter the link https://www.usil.edu.pe/pregrado
1. You choose the college you are looking for
2. You choose the career that interests you
3. Here you will find the option “Malla Curricular”

Exchange students are considered as free students since they have the possibility of taking courses of different careers and of different academic levels (prerequisites are not required).

You can download the list of courses in English here. This list is modified semester by semester, so it may vary from 10 to 15%.

The International Office will be in charge of the registration process. A person from our team will help you throughout your application process, you must send them the list of your preferred courses and we will assist you via email.

No, only students who will take the Spanish as a language course or courses taught in Spanish.

Yes, you can take it at a later date, but you must take into account that your enrollment and course registration depends on the result of the exam.

If foreign language students wish to take courses taught in Spanish, they must have an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish.

Yes, USIL helps exchange students to obtain the Student Exchange Visa through the International Office. This visa is granted at a Peruvian Consulate in the city chosen by the student.

The International office carries out the visa process with the student's application document and the following necessary documents:
• Passport Copy
• International health insurance
• Statement of Financial Support
• Certificate of studies/ Transcript of Records
• Air Ticket (if you have it)

Los alumnos que vienen por un semestre tienen también la posibilidad de venir con visa de turista, la cual podrá ser emitida por 90 a 183 días, dependiendo del oficial de Migraciones en el aeropuerto internacional de Lima. Esta visa podrá ser renovada viajando al extranjero, caso contrario se deberá pagar 1US$ dólar por día adicional luego del vencimiento de la visa de turista.

Yes, you can receive the Student Exchange Visa at any Peruvian Consulate around the world.

Students who come for a semester also have the possibility of coming with a tourist visa, which can be issued for 90 to 183 days, depending on the immigration officer at the Lima international airport. This visa may be renewed by traveling abroad, otherwise you must pay US $ 1 per additional day after the expiration of the tourist visa.

No, students who do the exchange program for an academic year must obtain the official visa.

You must come to our office at least two weeks before the expiration of the visa. You must bring your passport and the itinerary version of your air ticket. Please note that the process to extend the visa can take up to 3 weeks.

As soon as you are notified by the International Office or you are confirmed by phone with the chosen Consulate that your visa is ready. For this purpose, you must request an appointment in advance with the Peruvian consulate.

The official visa is granted for 90 days only and will be renewed by the USIL International Office.

It appears in the documents that the person who will assist you during your application process sends you, and there is also an option in Infosil that indicates the exam schedule. On the day of your Welcome Ceremony, we will show you how to use the INFOSIL.

If there is a crossover of exams, please contact Cinthia Huaman (chuamanr@usil.edu.pe ) to reschedule the exams.

Midterm and Final Exams can be rescheduled according to the course, for this it is necessary to review the information and calendar dates. Make-up practices are taken one week before final exams.

No, all courses taught in Spanish, the exam will also be evaluated in the same language.

For regular courses, the absence limit allowed will be 30%, while for language courses, the percentage allowed will be 20%.

The withdrawal deadline from a course is one week after the midterms.

On the day of the Welcome Ceremony, which will be communicated to you before the start of classes, your photo will be taken for your university card. You will have to pick it up at the International office, we will send you an email indicating the date you should go to pick it up.

You must generate an account at Infosil, registering your email, and then you will receive a confirmation email. You will have an orientation session on the use of INFOSIL on the day of your Welcome Ceremony.

Yes, for midterms, final exams and permanent evaluations, you must bring your USIL student card.

Not currently, but we have a list of independent housing options that could be very useful when you are looking for a place to stay in Lima during your exchange program.