Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What level of English is required to participate?

Intermediate English is required. Every applicant must take a written and oral test given by USIL for the purpose of verifying that he or she has the level required for the program.

What is the cost of the program?

There is no cost for the program itself, thanks to the partnership between USIL and The Walt Disney Company. However, there are costs the student is required to cover, such as airfare, insurance, the visa fee, spending money, etc.

How much will I be paid?

Your wages will depend on the job position to which you are assigned by the Disney International Recruitment department. You will be paid on a weekly basis.

Is there a guarantee that I will be granted a visa?

No. USIL offers participants guidance on the process of obtaining a J-1 visa. However, the final decision is made by the non-immigrant visa section of the United States Embassy.

Is it possible to choose the specific place where I’ll be working?

Although you may choose the type of place where you would like to work (a Disney restaurant, merchandising store, amusement park or hotel), you will not be able to choose a specific place. That decision will be made by the Disney International Recruitment department.

Is it possible to choose where I live and with whom?

Disney will evaluate the possibility of allowing each participant to express his or her lodging and roommate preferences prior to the trip. However, this will not guarantee that your request will be granted.

Will I be allowed to have a second job?

No, you will only be allowed to work for the sponsor company, The Walt Disney Company.

Do I need a minimum amount of spending money?

Yes, approximately $300, mainly to cover your expenses during the first days you are there.

Could I be fired?

Yes, if you commit a firing offense, as established by The Walt Disney Company.

Is transportation to work available?

Yes, The Walt Disney Company provides all participants transportation from their residence to the workplace and facilities on Disney property.