The first group of students from the College of Hospitality Management, Tourism Administration and Gastronomy flew to Dubai on September 4 for a three-month exchange at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM). The students will take courses for their major in English, following which they will be able to apply for a 3-month internship at one of the hotels or companies in the group.

“We are certain these young people will do very well, as their performance has been excellent. They are prepared for the experience and enthusiastic about representing their country and the university,” commented the director of the Hospitality Management program, Sandra Zubieta Zamudio, who said that the selection progress had been quite rigorous.

The students underwent a rigorous interview. In addition, the requirements included being in the top fifth percentile, having an advanced level of English and being committed to their academic program, with active participation in related activities. They were also required to have earned at least 140 credits.

The four students—three Hospitality Management majors and one Tourism Administration major—will live on the EAHM campus and attend classes with students from more than 60 countries. Diana Guerra Chirinos and Sandra Zubieta, the directors of the Tourism Administration and Hospitality Management programs respectively, wished them well before they left.



Josemaría Delgado Velasco
Tourism Administration

“The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management is the world’s most prestigious university in Tourism, and I believe it will be very helpful to me in my career and my private life. This is a very important cultural exchange, as I’ll be able to establish friendly relationships that may become work relationships in the future.”

Cristal Roxana Egoavil Morales
Hospitality Management

“Dubai has been my main goal since the first day of classes. I’m 19 and I feel like I’ve already started achieving my goals. I hope to make many international contacts, improve my English, be self-confident and enrich my life in every aspect. Also to have fun, learn a lot, and get an internship.”

Grecia Natali Calvay Mayor                                            
Hospitality Management

“I have a lot of expectations, since the service provided to customers there is A1. It’s a first-class school and I’m going to take 6 courses. I know it will be demanding, but it will be worth the effort. In addition, I’m going to be studying with students of 60 different nationalities and creating a wide network of contacts.”