USIL held Welcome Ceremony for International Students 2019-2

USIL, committed to providing the best education to its students, has within its institutional pillars Globalization, which is evidenced in its more than 270 international alliances and the presence of our university in the world. Every year USIL receives students from all around the world, who come to Peru to study during one semester or a year at USIL. The Vice-Presidency of International Relations organized a Welcome Ceremony.

In order to make International students feel welcomed and become more familiar with the campus, after the Induction presentation, the Incoming team organized a tour of our campuses in La Molina. In addition, fun and challenging activities were organized for students to have fun and integrate with their future classmates. 

For the last activity, a dance class and demonstration was presented  to students, so our students become more familiar with our traditional dances and culture from our three great regions: coast, Andes and jungle. Two students were selected as the best dancers as part of the dance contest, and  received as a prize plane tickets to travel to any city in Peru of their choice.

Thanks to the demanding academic training, USIL has been selected by the most prestigious universities and institutions in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania as a strategic partner in Dual degree programs, educational, academic, cultural, consultative and labor exchange. You can also be part of a university with a bilingual education and academic excellence. Find out more here.
Tatianna Wilkins
United States - University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“With this trip I hope to practice my Spanish more, meet people from all over the world and tour Peru. Being here is like a dream for me, a unique experience.”
Johanna Hansum
Netherlands - Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

“My main goals at USIL are to improve my Spanish, meet people and their culture, and travel a lot. I also want to take advantage of the classes I will take classes in Law, Human Resources, among other topics that interest me a lot.”
Johannes Kauppa
Germany - HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

“I want to improve my Spanish with the courses that I will take in USIL, I am sure it will be a very good semester. Also, I would like to make many friends and get to know this amazing country.”
Chloe Bartes
United States - Augustana University

“I hope to gain a new perspective of Peru and Latin America, thanks to this semester at USIL. I want to enjoy food, improve in this language and take advantage of everything the university offers me. I have high expectations for this cycle.”
Romel Galvis
Colombia - University Foundation of the Andean Area

“I wish that in this semester at USIL I can have many experiences. I want to know more about the culture, Peruvian food and learn everything I can.”