Intercultural Psychology Program UCF – University of Central Florida

Thirteen students from the University of Central Florida (UCF) will be part of the Intercultural Psychology Program, the students will study in Lima and Cusco. The program is focused on Psychology and will revolve around the components of cultural immersion, service learning and academic excursions.

The program includes academic and cultural activities in both Lima and Cusco. In Lima, they will visit the Larco Museum and go on a city tour to get to know the highlights of our city. Students will also travel to the imperial city where Dr. Charles Negy, Associate Professor of Psychology at UCF, will teach the classes of his Cross-Cultural Psychology course at the USIL International Extension Center. In addition, they will go on an excursion through the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

“USIL is focused in international education and I hope that my students learn from them and get to know their different educational opportunities, as well as all the aspects that this country has to offer,” said Negy.

Rocío Baldárrago Valdivia, Head of International Alliances, and José Paredes Soplin, International Relations coordinator, welcomed the UCF delegation that will participate in this experience.

Ana Lorena Elguera, Director of the USIL Psychology Program, invited students to visit the campus facilities and stressed the importance of learning from other cultures. "I am very happy to receive all of you on the tenth anniversary of our program and I hope you enjoy your stay," she added.

Meanwhile, Daniela Gálvez, a UCF student who will participate in the program, mentioned: “I want to learn much more about Peruvian culture, make new friends and enjoy this experience. USIL is a beautiful university, great and with an very distinctive international view ”.

“I love traveling and collecting memories in every place I visit. Peru is a country that I like very much and people are very friendly” said Alexis Oskam, a student who is also part of the UCF delegation.

USIL promotes students global vision through academic experiences that enhance their knowledge and contribute to their personal and professional development.