Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I participate in an exchange program?

Participating in an exchange program offered by USIL provides you a unique international experience that enhances your personal and academic growth.  With an international experience you will strengthen your skills and be able to compete in different industries, preparing you for international experiences abroad. 

2. What are the requirements for the students who want to participate in the exchange programs?

Student who wants to apply for the exchange semester needs to meet the following requirements:

-Regular student at USIL for at least 2 consecutive semesters.
-A minimum of 60 credits.
-Minimum score of 13 in the last 3 regular semesters.
-To complete successfully the Global Leadership Skills course.
-To be over 18 years old.
-Not attending any course for 3rd time during the application semester.
-Not administrative and disciplinary penalties at USIL.

3. When can I apply for the exchange program?

The application time usually starts on the first day of class and finish the third week of the following month of class. 

4. How long will last the exchange program?

The exchange program lasts one or two academic semesters. 

5. Where can I check the full list of universities  available for my exchange program?

You can visit the 2015 Global Alliances Guide at the following link.

We also recommend you to periodically visit our International USIL website:   

6. What should I take in consideration to properly select my university for an exchange semester ?

- The country
- The language
- The lifestyle
- The academic program at the university
- The investment
- The type of partnership

7. Is the spot at the University guaranteed?

It depends on the university and available spots for the international students. We always recommend having at least two universities options. The international office will assist you all over the application process. 

8. Do I need to pay the academic fees both at USIL and at the university abroad?

The payment depends on the type of partnership we have with allied university. Please bear in mind we have two types of partnerships:

-Academic Exchange:  Payments are made only at USIL
-Payment Alliance:  Payments are made both at USIL and at the university abroad

9. What is the level of English to apply for an exchange program?

The English level required depends on the host institution application process requirements. Very often allied universities require a specific certification. (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).

10. Do I get academic credits for my studies abroad?

Yes you do. Credits earned while on exchange program are transferred to your University through an original academic transcript issued by the host institution.

11. How much the exchange semester will cost?

The cost of the program depends on specific conditions, like country, city, local cost of living, personal standards, season, etc. We always recommend to our students to get detailed information prior to their decision.

12. Are scholarships available to help finance my exchange?

Our university offer USIL Exchange Scholarship, which represents a partial discount applied to your monthly payment without exempting tuition fees. Please bear in mind that said award will depend on the available economic resources and decision of the Scholarship Committee.