Lenôtre Master Class

Lenôtre Master Class

Ecole Lenôtre is the top French culinary school known worldwide for being innovative while maintaining the best of tradition, thereby creating a perfect synthesis of the culinary past, present and future.


This important partnership makes the teaching of courses possible, as well as important programs such as the Lenôtre Master Class taught in Lima and Paris.Lenôtre Master Class, an intensive professional pastry program, enables students to obtain high-level certification in a short time, as the program is geared toward acquiring skills without an initial training period.

Geared Toward:

Pastry professionals. This program is geared toward those wishing to enhance their career in pastry making.

  • Young professionals with previous training.
  • Experienced professionals wishing to validate their knowledge with an international professional certificate.

The Lenôtre Master Class program lasts 24 weeks: 22 spent in Lima and the remaining 2 in France.

Dual Certification:

This is the highest certification in the education of a pastry professional, as there is no program more advanced than this one.