Escuela de Cheff

This program was created for the purpose of giving students a specialization, knowledge, and practice in Peruvian and international baking and pastry.


Basic baking, Peruvian desserts, chocolates, confections and knowledge of wine tasting are part of the program content, as are food safety and hygiene, events and catering, which are essential in order to achieve a company’s objectives.


Like the best European schools! Students have the opportunity to specialize in every area at Don Ignacio Restaurant and Di Café & Gourmet Store. Students learn how to run a restaurant by working in the kitchen (production), purchasing, customer service and bar management, as well as in the baking, pastry and plated dessert production areas.  


It is specially designed for those with previous studies or experience, but also for experts or people involved in Peruvian cuisine:  

Graduates of culinary programs.

Students with advanced knowledge of culinary techniques.

Experienced professionals wishing to learn about Peruvian cuisine.

Food journalists

Gastronomy teachers and chef instructors

National and international culinary associations

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