Sep 24 2015

Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL) and San Ignacio College—institutions based in Lima, Peru and Miami, Florida, respectively—participated in this year’s EAIE Conference (European Association for International Education) from September 15 to 18 in Glasgow, Scotland. As Europe’s largest international conference on higher education, it brings together more than 5000 participants from over 90 countries annually.

Sep 09 2015

The first group of students from the College of Hospitality Management, Tourism Administration and Gastronomy flew to Dubai on September 4 for a three-month exchange at The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM). The students will take courses for their major in English, following which they will be able to apply for a 3-month internship at one of the hotels or companies in the group.

Sep 03 2015

From August 13 to 22, 11 students from the USIL Green Program visited the university’s Extension Center in the city of Cusco to participate in academic activities as part of the Water Resource Management and Sustainable Practices course. These students from the United States visited different s related to renewable energy management and good practices in environmental management.

Sep 01 2015

Are you fluent in a language other than Spanish? Are you interested in serving and helping others? Would you like to let the world know about the best Peru has to offer? Maybe you don’t know it yet, but you could join the USIL Ambassadors.

Aug 26 2015

In line with our slogan, the Office of the Vice President of International Relations has achieved an increase in the number of USIL students registered to participate in foreign academic exchange programs during the 2015-02 semester. These students will be attending our partner institutions located in more than fifteen countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North and South America.

Aug 11 2015

With great expectation and excitement, more than 120 international students who will be attending USIL this semester were welcomed by the team from the Office of the Vice President of International Relations at a welcome ceremony held on Monday, August 10 on the USIL Fernando Belaunde Terry Campus.

Jul 07 2015

Every year, the number of USIL students who go to universities abroad for academic exchanges increases.

On Tuesday, June 30, the USIL International team held the official farewell ceremony for more than 70 students who will spend a semester abroad, thanks to the agreements our university has entered into with more than 200 institutions throughout the world.

Jul 06 2015

The founding president of Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL), Raúl Diez Canseco Terry, participated in the Global New Fortune Forum, held on June 5 in Hangzhou, China. 

The forum is a valuable opportunity for leaders, politicians, academics and experts to exchange opinions on the latest trends in the global economy, particularly the challenges China faces in maintaining its economic leadership.

Jul 02 2015

A delegation of USIL international students, who are currently attending classes at the university’s Extension Center in Cusco, participated in this year’s parade held on June 23, the anniversary of the Imperial City.

Caught up in the spirit of the festivities, 30 international exchange students paid tribute to the city, wearing typical Andean clothing and dancing to the rhythm of traditional Cusco music.

Jun 30 2015

The San Ignacio de Loyola Organization operates in Peru, the USA and Paraguay, and has plans to begin operations in Panama in the near future. 

This year, Coloring Dreams was launched.

Source: Día 1 newspaper/Education section/page 19/Monday, June 29, 2015 edition