Words of welcome were delivered by the director of International Programs, Gonzalo Villena, who invited the students to discover the magic of Peru’s different tourist attractions and food during their stay. They also received information on schedules, the transportation system, safety, and entertaining activities in which they will be included.  

With great expectation and excitement, more than 120 international students who will be attending USIL this semester were welcomed by the team from the Office of the Vice President of International Relations at a welcome ceremony held on Monday, August 10 on the USIL Fernando Belaunde Terry Campus.

During the ceremony, international students met the USIL Ambassadors, a group of students who will help them adapt to studying in Peru this semester, as well as with anything else they need. Members of the USIL Ambassadors—who speak English, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Portuguese, among other languages—will serve as guides for international students spending the semester here.

To close the event, students from China, Korea, Thailand, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Brazil, Chile, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, the United States, Germany and other countries enjoyed a Peruvian folk dance performance.


Shin Sol Ah (age 23)

Hannan University – Korea

“I feel a little nervous, since this is my first time in Peru. Peruvians are very nice and friendly, and I hope to learn Spanish, go to Cusco and visit Machu Picchu. I’m going to take courses related to Education, my major in Korea.”

Fu Yiley (age19)

Beijing International Studies University – China

“I study Spanish in my country, and I think this experience is very good. Since it brings together students from different countries, we will have a cultural exchange. I hope to make new friends, earn excellent grades and learn a lot in my field. I think I need to travel a lot and really get to know this country. I’m going to take Advanced Spanish, as well as study dance and Peruvian cooking.”

Florentino Álvarez (age 23)

Hogeschool van Amsterdam – Netherlands

“This is my first time in Peru and I want to do a lot of traveling, meet Peruvians and students from other countries, go to parties, surf and do other things as well. This semester, I’ll be taking Psychology of Communication, Chinese, Spanish and Ethics.”