Frequently asked questions

1. When the semesters start at USIL?

We have two semesters per year:
1st Semester: from Mid-March to Mid-July, and 
2nd Semester: from Mid-august to Mid-December. 

2. Do you have both Spanish and English courses offerings?

Yes we do, we have both English and Spanish courses. 

3. Where can I see the English Course list and the courses description?

Attached on this e-mail, you can find the list for English courses & courses description.

4. Where can I find the curriculas of the Academic Programs?

For Spanish courses and curricula by careers please enter the link:

5. Do you have the list of Spanish courses?

Yes, enclosed you will find list of Spanish courses.

6. Can I take courses from different majors?

Exchange students are considered “Free students” and they have the possibility to take courses from different fields and from different academic levels (they don’t need pre-requisites).

7. Which is the minimum level of Spanish I require in order to take courses in Spanish?

If the students want to take Spanish courses they need at least an Intermediate level of Spanish.

8. If I don’t know the Spanish Language, how can I sign up to take the Spanish Language course?

For students who want to take the Spanish Language course, they need to take the Spanish Placement Test (according to the Academic Calendar enclosed).

9. How is the registration process at USIL?

The registration process is in charge of our International Office. We will assign you an Academic Advisor to whom you will send the list of your preferred courses and he/she will assist you with the registration via email.

10. Do all students need to take the Spanish Placement Test?

No they don’t, the Spanish Placement Test is only students who will take the Spanish Language courses.

11. If I will be not in condition to arrive for the Spanish Placement Test, can I take it in another date?

Yes, we can take it in another date later, but registration process depends on the results of the Spanish Placement Test.

12. Are there any type of courses that international students cannot take?

Yes, Semi-virtual and virtual courses are not available for international students.

13. Does USIL help students with the visa?

Yes we do. Exchange students have the possibility to process an OFFICIAL VISA through our International Office. This visa is granted in a General Peruvian Consulate of the city chosen by the student and is free of cost.

14. How is the process?

We require the following documents and information at least one month prior to departure:

-Copy of passport
-Copy of airline ticket with arrival and departure dates to/from Peru
-The city of the General Peruvian Consulate chosen by student

The process is carried out through the Foreign affairs Ministry in Peru and coordinated with the General Peruvian Consulate chosen

15. If I am not in my country, can I process the OFFICIAL VISA in another country?

Yes you can choose a GENERAL PERUVIAN CONSULATE in any country around the world.

16. How do I know when my Official Visa is ready?

The student will be informed when the visa is ready to be picked up. They will need to request an appointment to the Peruvian consulate.

17. If I don’t want an Official Visa, can I get in the country just with a Tourist Visa?

For students coming for one semester there is also the possibility to arrive with a tourist visa which can be granted for 90 or 183 days, depending on the Migrations authorities. This visa can be renewed by travelling abroad or paying 1US$dollar per extra day of stay after the visa expires.

18. If I am studying in Peru for one academic year, what kind of Visa is required?

For students coming for one Academic Year an OFFICIAL VISA is required.

19. How much do I have to pay for the visa?

As mentioned before, the visa is free of cost.

20. If the Official Visa is granted only for 90 days, how can I do for have it extended?

The visa is granted for 90 days counted since the arrival to Peru, and will be extended by our International Office.

21. What should I do to extend my official visa ahead of its expiration?

You should come to our office at least two weeks before the expiry of your visa. You need to bring with your passport and a printed version of your flight itinerary.Please bear in mind that the visa processing may take up to 3 weeks.

22. Where can I find the midterm and final exams dates?

It appears on the bottom side of your class Schedule, sent by your Academic Advisor. Also, in your Infosil account you can find your schedule.

23. What happens when exams overlap? Where can I find the exact days for those exams?

If you have exams at the same time, one of them will be taken during the make-up exams dates. The date will be published at your INFOSIL.

24. Can I reschedule my test? When are the exact days?

The test can be re-scheduled depending on the course, for this it’s mandatory to ask the teacher first. The re-scheduled tests are taken after the mid-term and final exams.

25. If I take a Spanish course, can I take the exams in English?

No, if the course is taught in Spanish, the exam will be evaluated in the same language.

26. What is the percentage allowed for absences?

For regular courses, the percentage allowed is 30%, meanwhile the language courses, is of 20%.

27. When is the deadline allowed to drop a course? 

The allowed time for dropping a course is one week after the Mid-term exams.

28. Where can I take my photo for my student ID and USIL ID? Where can I pick them up?  

You should go to Academic Services, the dates will be informed at your INFOSIL.

29. How can I Access to my Infosil account?  

You should create an account in the Infosil, register your personal e-mail, and then you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

30. Does USIL offer housing for international students?  

No we don’t, but we can recommend a list of housings.

31. Do I need to present any documents for taking my exams?  

Yes, for midterm, final exams and make up tests you need to show your USIL ID card.