Why is participating in an international experience so important

In a world as globalized as the one in which we now live, being better prepared to deal with it offers us more and greater opportunities at the academic, professional and personal level.

Therefore, participating in international experiences as part of one’s undergraduate education is important for today’s students, as it enables them to enter an increasingly global job market.

Among the main advantages is that studying abroad makes participants more competitive and gives them added value, which enables them to face the current demands of the job market. In addition, it improves one’s social skills, since merely sharing a classroom with people of different nationalities, communicating in another language and learning about another culture through its customs and typical foods bring about change and exponential personal growth. This is currently one of the most important attributes sought in different fields.

Today, we need to stand out from the crowd, and participating in an international experience helps to build our skills and improve on our weaknesses, thereby increasing our opportunities in the different contexts in which we may find ourselves.


Magíster Catherine Joseph Rubio